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{ ...εν αναμονή της έκδοσης του antifa LIVE για τη δύναμη των λέξεων στην μαύρη κουλτούρα· 2 πρώτες, ακαπέλα, σημειώσεις. }


"...but the feds is also plotting me,

they’re trying to imprison my astrology,
put our stars behind bars, our stars and stripes,
using blood-splattered banners as nationalist kites,
but I control the wind, that’s why they call it the hawk.
I am Horus, son of Isis, son of Osirus, worshipped as Jesus,
resurrected like Lazarus, but you can call my Lazzy, lazy,
yeah I’m lazy because I’d rather sit and build and work 

on top of a field and worship the daily yield of cash green crops,
their evolution stopped the evolution of their technology:
a society of automatic tellers and money machines.

Stealing us was the smartest thing they ever did, 
too bad they don’t teach the truth to their kids.
Our influence on them is the reflection they see
when they look in their minstrel mirror and talk about

their culture, their existence is that of a schizophrenic vulture.
Yeah, there’s no repentance,

they are bound to live in infinite consecutive executive life sentence.
So what are you bound to live, niggah?
So while you’re all there serving time I’ll be in sync with the

sun while you run from the moon. Life of the moon,
reflected by guns, worship of moons, I am the sun,

and we are public enemies number one, one one one, one one one..."